We design and realize cladding and decoration for interior and exterior, responding to different functional and aesthetic requirements: each mosaic is tailor-made and customised. Inspiring us to the tradition and the history of art or bringing new and personal ideas,  we translate in mosaic each solution in constant dialogue with the client.

Tree of Life

Seamless Greek decorative theme insert

Sign of Acquolina Restaurant

Lion Rampant

Mother Mary with Child Jesus

Mother Mary with Child Jesus

Madonna of  Vladimir


Hadrian’s Villa Masks

God Neptune

House Numbers

Decorative theme with palms + “Secret” Box

Gadgets for TEDxUniTO on May 2016

Ul Gisoeul

FURNITURE AND HOME DECOR (furniture and decorative accessories)

We think that the mosaic has not one but infinite forms: all those that we are able to give it. With the aim to bring the beauty in everyday life, we try to do always new and different things: design and production of furnishing and decorative accessories with mosaic allows us to create interesting collaborations with other craftsmen, planners and designers. We believe that the sharing of knowledge and the synergy of the hands can lead only to good results.

Starry Night

Wall Clock Jubilee 2000 Logo

Wall Clock Jubilee of Marcy Logo

 Celtic knot



Circuit table


Italian Mosaic concentrates on the design of original projects and technical experimentation. The nature of the material used for the mosaic realizes its best expressive potential when it is supported by stylistic research and by the investigation of ideas and concepts. The PURE ART section aims to assert these values with decision, creating mosaic projects in which the artistic meaning comes from materials and the uniqueness of each tessera: the impetuous force that makes a mosaic an inimitable art.


Composition VII





“QUADRETTI” ring collection: Every ring is a unique piece and becomes a frame of a little mosaic.
Modern bronze bases are handcrafted, finished by hand. The mosaic is made with different materials, mostly Venetian Smalti and Venetian Gold. We often use unique tiles and unrepeatable details, therefore it is almost impossible to reproduce the same mosaic. The mosaic is 18×18 mm and length 27 mm.

“MO.MENTO” collection: The collection takes its name from the material of which the jewels are made: mosaic and cement. The concrete forms, design and minimalist finish, build space used to house precious mosaics made of Venetian Smalti and Gold: the juxtaposition of opposing worlds and different sensations produces an effect marked and refined, at the same time.

You can request custom orders: we create new pieces in which you can choose colors, sizes, shapes, metal, specific and unique details that you want to add. We guarantee the uniqueness of the product. For an original gift or a special occasion, just contact us with your custom requests to know our handmade proposals for you.