I’M Italian Mosaic are Elisa Lonetti and Roberto Hamed.

We attended the Spilimbergo Mosaic School of Friuli , where we received very high technical and artistic skills. That choice , started for both as an adventure has become more and more aware day by day so that “attempt” has taken shape of a great passion. Today we have our own workshop in Sanremo , where every day we continue our own research and the technical and stylistic experimentation, in an ancient tradition: our production has its roots in the history of the Made in Italy high quality handicraft and of the Italian culture. The mosaic is for us a language and is the filter to look at reality.

Our production has its roots in the history of the Made in Italy high quality handicraft and of the Italian culture.

From flooring and cladding, to  reproductions of classical art and modern conception of original furnishings, to artistic and personal compositions: everything we do is always characterized by technical skill, refined sensibility and passion. Our purpose is to bring back the art of mosaic from the baggage of ancient history and to make it up-to-date and modern.

Our mosaics are entirely handmade at every stage of processing. From the initial idea, developed in constant dialogue with the client, we realize an image, a sketch, and from there we move to the design phase: we choose the most suitable processing method to the case and the basic materials to be used. Once you have decided on how to proceed and the working table is ready with all the materials, we can start cutting: marbles, stones, Venetian Smalti and Venetian Golds, stoneware, in the most various shades possible! In keeping with ancient tradition of mosaics, martellina and tagliolo are still tools of the trade: in this way, by hand, we create all the tiles of our mosaics. We love to mix and experiment, blend the traditional materials to those unusual and “out of place”, they find a new meaning in the mosaic. We design and create the mosaic in all forms: cladding and decorative inserts for walls and floors, original and contemporary decor for interior and exterior,  furnishing accessories, tables, mirrors, frames, lamps, clocks, jewelry, small customised items. Each mosaic is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and craftsmanship. Respect of tradition also in modern and contemporary things, craftsmanship, technical ability, passion, creativity, constant search for new materials and solutions, quality, originality, elegance: do beautiful things is our real project.