I’M, acronym of Italian Mosaic but also “I’m”, wants to promote a modern partnership between the artist, the artesian and the patron, which made the Italian Renaissance so great.

“I’m” is the person, with his emotions, imperfections and strokes of genius.

“I’m” is the artist, because mosaic work needs talent and creativity.

“I’m” is the artesian, because only the imperfect human detail is handed down to become history.

“I’m” is the client, who buys a unique and irreproducible piece of art.


I’M Italian Mosaic are Elisa and Roberto.

We have our own workshop in Sanremo, where every day we continue our own research and the technical and stylistic experimentation, in an ancient tradition: our production has its roots in the history of the Made in Italy high quality handicraft and of the Italian culture.

The mosaic is for us a language and is the filter to look at reality. Read more..